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The Guy Guide

Ladies , let’s finally get the good attention from the male counter part . Here is some serious advice for you all

  • Accent

    Were you born in India ? Did you do your schooling from India ? If yes, then why do you have an accent ! Going overseas for your vacation doesn’t mean that you come back with an accent as a souvenir . So girls please speak and act normal.

  • Acting Dumb

    Not knowing the name of your country’s president has somewhat become a trend . Girls stop acting dumb , you haven’t walked out of a chick flick . Be sensible and smart if you want to attract the real men .

  • Makeup

    It’s a huge controversial issue. Mastering the art of eye liner takes a lot of patience and it’s a painful procedure . But girls need to be subtle with the art of make up , let your skin breathe . Your face should not look like a cake.

  • Embrace your skin colour, you need to love yourself and be happy with who you are naturally .If a guy really likes you , then your melanin content shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Random bouts of feminism are not appreciated . Over doing anything is highly irritating.
  • Don’t make the guy always pay for you, become an independent woman . Learn to contribute and sometimes giving your man a treat can be very considerate .
  • As a girl you have a lot to offer to this world , be confident your sexuality should come last in this list . So come what may never offer to twerk until and unless you are miley cyrus