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The Girl Guide

It’s not very easy to impress girls , here are some tips which might come handy to make your crush like you back

  • Chivalry

    Opening the doors and pulling the chair will never get out of fashion . Though girls tend to act and behave all independent, small gestures like these will get you places if you know what we mean *wink*.

  • Grammar

    No girl really expects you to write sonnets for her but basic grammar is essential I mean common did you not knew it ( face palm everyone ).

  • Stop being so flamboyant , real girls couldn’t care less about your dad’s money . Though showing off your knowledge and skills can have quite the opposite effect .

  • Wit

    Intelligence,shrewdness,cleverness ,common sense,wisdom,insight,humour, astuteness,brains. Guys you need to work on all of this !

  • Referring to lame and vile people as your role model is not a cool thing . Become classy and sophisticated , swag won’t get you anywhere in life . Take responsibilities and become a man .

  • You need to be confident and at ease with yourself . Acting way too pricey or desperate is a huge turn off , play it cool .

  • Using cuss words is tolerable , but being rowdy and cursing in every sentence can really disgust the girl sometimes .

  • Learn to listen , if there is one thing a girl loves it is a guy showing interest . So be caring and listen to her blabber sometimes.