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10 reasons why boys need to appreciate the presence of girl buddies in their lives!

  • When it comes to giving advice on relationships , no one else but a friend (who’s a girl) is an ace raconteur in the field of any related problems a man can ever possibly face in comparison with a guy friend that he may possess..like “buy this for her , take her there , do not be an arse”
  • Her intrusion in your respective monotonous life is a change that is highly desirable. Afterall, no one minds to have intellectual conversations every now and then on topics other than soccer ,PS3 , girls .
  • Girls can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to shopping. Even the most averse male needs new clothes and for girls its astrophysics. They can make you buy the best clothes , at the best rates (being the finest negotiators and a naturalist at bargaining ), since its a child’s play for them.
  • You get the benefit, that most of the men crave for, on a platter. Meeting all her girlfriends. no elaboration is required as such. the sagacious ones shall understand.
  • A girl chuddy buddy is like a sibling you never had , without the “bhai-behen” mush involved. A sister you can spend your “low syndrome” weekdays drinking till late at night, crying your heart out .woohoo!!
  • Possessing a twenty-four carat heart , she will never bring her egomaniacal ways and shy away from giving you a reality check from time to time. She will make sure to bring you back on earth from cloud 9 whenever you feel too studly about yourself.
  • Girls as we know latch on to the qualities of highly influencing the people in their vicinity.No matter how much we deny but they have a serious impact on the boys’ behaviour. you start swearing less ,out of the blue. Become more generous and polite towards others especially the females.
  • The quality of soothing the other person during their depressed moments (inspite of being a complete failure at their own problems) runs in the every fibre of their being. There is just no other person you must contact when you are down in the dumps.She is maestro at using the right words that makes you come on terms with your epic studly self again.
  • Females are species that are born intelligent. Staying in their company makes you realise how unaware and oblivious you have stayed all your lives regarding the normal day to day issues that you had no idea about. From the best dressed personality on earth to the president of the united nations , they know it all.( its quite essential for men to understand that intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac)
  • And if you stick around till her wedding(which goes highly against your doucheself) you get the privelege to feel like her father , brother and a friend at the same time. the feeling is priceless.