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Started music in 6th grade, began rapping to other people’s tracks
in 7th . In 8th he started writing his own music after which he
didn’t do any covers, not a cover fan. Running his own youtube channel
with over a hundred views, this kid got some real deal here. Extravagant
answers follow up by this champ.

1. Why did u choose to rap in English rapping over hindi/Punjabi

When i was 6th grade i had never heard about any prominent hindi/
Punjabirappers. Honestly i was not inspired by them. Plus my dad was
in defence services so we used to move around the country and i never
got the hang of Punjabi it doesn’t fascinate me. Idon’t really like to
listen to Bollywood/Punjabi music.

2. Who are your rap music idols n why?

I have eight idols. I take positives from all of them.TI because he has
his own style .Eminem, he is the master lyricist. Super amazing flow I
like his multi it’s like rhymes within a rhyme within a bar. People like to
rhyme line by line like a poem Eminem but Eminem raps bar by bar.
Dr.Dre, he has got amazing beats. He is the beat king. Tupac, he was
a legend. He rapped about social issues. Kendrick Lamar, he is new
and he is the future. He writes the best lyrics. He is going to take over
Eminem in the next 2 years. I take a lot of positives from his flow. He
is really good with his flow. J Cole, I like the story telling ability in him.
Jay-Z,he is the best lyricist ever. I love that he is very honest. Nas, he
wrote the bible of rap music. The way he wrote his lyrics and the way
he went about them is crazy

3. Thoughts on Lil Wayne and Honey Singh?

Idon’ttake any positives from them. I don’t support their kind of music.
What i do like about them is they are good performers. They know
how to make the crowd roar. I believe an artist has to be a performer

4. Is rapping a hobby or passion n why?

It’s a passion I don’t think I am going do anything else in my life. I just have 2 goals to get into the music industry in the states and then get
into the film industry in the states. Iwant to pursue music and drama both. Justin Timberlake the biggest inspiration. He can sing, dance
and act. He is the whole package

5. Do you think Hollywood more respect for music artists as compared to Bollywood?

Yes, in India the film industry takes over everything. The music industry comes under the film industry.
In Hollywood music industry is different from the movie industrythat sets musicians on a higher level
It gives u solo artists. Bollywood doesn’t have solo artists the music comes as a part of the movie they have music videos but it doesn’t
have the artist. Enough credit and recognition is given to music artists in Hollywood.

6. What is the biggest difficulty you faced while pursuing rap music?

India is the biggest problem; i want to go abroad soon. But i want to explore more of rap in India first. I am going to stay here and see
what i can do.

7. Do you buy or download music and Why?

I download music but then i go buy it too. I like to keep a collection of hardcopies and support music. I want sell my albums one day. If I
don’t buy someone’s album now then why will someone buy mine?

8. How did you get into rapping?

Anyone who cannot sing can do something. Initially i wanted to sing i had an audition I got rejected. Though I thought it was fairly good
but it was bad. I wanted to get into music somehow so then I went into rap music I didn’t need agood a voice i just needed hard work.
Dior and Ellie Saab .