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Her work is amazing, she Is gorgeous, she has the amazing vibe ever, and we just simply love.You can never get enough of this girl. Anupreet started in 1st grade , when we were learning to colour, she had already designed a collection for her models (barbies). She is an inspiration to all teenagers who dream to have their own label . That day is not far when ‘sidhuji’ goes international!

1. How do you evaluate success ?

It’s just when you feel happy with yourself. When you have reached your goal, that’s success .

2. When did you decide that you wanted to be a designer ?

I decided when I was in 1st grade , I used to make clothes for my barbies with my grandma . My other option was to be an astronaut, but I was bad at science and maths, so then that was no longer an option.

3. You are an international vogue blogger. How did you achieve that ?

You have to apply for that, our teachers told us that applications were still available, so since I was already a blogger, I applied for it and got selected . Then I became their permanent blogger and one day I woke up to find that my name was in there top 100 bloggers and then after some time I got an email saying that I became their number one blogger ( she beams ) .

4. What is the biggest difference in the field of fashion In London and India ?

There is not much of a difference in the studies or college courses, but people in India try to copy you , whereas in London, people will see your work and then make sure that their work is not similar to yours. If two people are doing the same topic then one of them ends up changing their topic and they start from scratch again .

5. What are your goals now ?

I want to do my masters in women wear from London itself but it requires a lot of work experience so currently I am working on that .

6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

I have two options and marriage is not one of them. -She laughs- See, it depends on what subjects I choose for my masters — either I could become an international stylist or I could showcase my collection at the London fashion week, though the former is easier to achieve .

7. Who is your inspiration?

One is Lady Gaga , I love her! She is bold enough to carry off everything, and my second favourite is John Galliano, he was the head director of Dior for 25 years .

8. Favourite fashion house or designer ?

Dior and Ellie Saab .