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Started working on his strokes at the age of 15, this ingenuous artist has been constantly working on the lines of his grasp. He is the most patient artist- of the highest order- out of the lot. His work speaks for his instinctive moods. Quality matter to him and so it shows. He is damn fun and innovative and we bet the girls wouldn’t beg to differ.

1. How do you convince people to let them use your wall ?

It’s kind of a tough job , cause if there is a wall at the back of my house and someone is peeing on it or throwing garbage I wouldn’t really care but it’s value suddenly increases when someone asks to work on it . So I need to tell people that what I am doing is public art and that there wall is going to be clean , what I make will be a treat to the eye and your wall will become famous . I show them my work and then tell them that I am established and stuff so then they finally agree .

3. Who has been your inspiration in terms of art ?

There is this artist called shephardfairey once in 10th grade I was just searching and going through stuff when I came across his work , I got inspired by him . This guy use to make caricatures of politicians and stuff like that , so I wanted to do something like him . This made me get into this field , but now I just convert anything I grasp into art . Everything turns out to be an source of inspiration for me may it be movies or hip-hop . One should never stop exploring &observing .

4. Who is your biggest support system ?

I don’t want to give a clichéd answer saying that oh so many people supported me cause I believe everyone will support you when you do something you like . Even criticism is support for me , cause if someone takes out the time to see your work and then give a response it should be taken positively . I am my own support system cause I believe in myself and I am doing something which I really like .

5. Favourite Chandigarh hangout place ?

There is this garden near my place ‘terrace garden’ I have been going there since I was a kid. I go to peddlers quite a lot . I haven’t really been staying here for quite a while now so but even when I had started going out I use to go out to play football or basketball . I am not very keen on aimlessly going around.