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This bloke can make you question your ability of understanding talent. Starting from sports to playing the guitar , he’s tried his hand on almost everything .Playing with words comes to him naturally. Pen and paper make him oblivion. His sober and ingenuous writing gives a deep insight of the kind of person we spoke to.

1. What does being a songwriter mean to you?

it is one of the most important part of my life writing gives me happiness . i love putting words together and see it turn into something profound.

2. How did you discover you could write lyrics?

I love listening to music it’s a major part of my life. I tried writing a song one time and it turned out to be pretty good so that’s how i discovered i could write music and i haven’t stopped writing since then.

3. What type of songs do you write?

I write about anything that comes to my mind. I don’t force it and comes naturally.

4. When do you think you write your best?

Anytime, my mind starts playing with words. I stop everything I take my guitar and I start writing.

5. What is your best work so far?

I am still learning and working so it still has to come yet. It does get better with every song.

6. What other areas in the field of music have u ventured into?

I play the guitar it helps me write my songs and I also sing.

7.Would you call songwriting a hobby or a passion? why?

My hobby is my passion. Songwriting is a very important part of my life. It is one of the ways I express myself

8. How do you deal with writers block?

i don’t have writers block because i don’t force lyrics they come to me when they have to.