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A very deep and honest musician , Gabriel absorbs the life around him. This bloke plays with the essence of love and woeful attributes of human existence and strongly feels that music gives these emotions some meaning.

1. Where Do You Wanna Be Within The Next 5 Years?

I want to be at a place I feel secure. I want to make sure I learn as much as I can and implement all of it to make the music I want.

2. What Has Been The Hardest Stereotype To Break In Your Carreer

The hardest stereotype.Hmm.
Probably the fact that you need to be really hardcore and someone with a lot of attitude to be a rock musician. I mean, I try to be as kind as I can to people around me, and I try to be humble, which I agree I sometimes am not. But people finally understood that you don’t need certain character traits, but just a strong passion to do what you dream of.

3. Your Ideal Vacation Would Be…..

Roaming around exotic spots in the world with very limited money and playing there. Or a week in my private island with the people I love.

4. When Did U Discover That U Wanted To Pursue Music

As soon as I understood that nothing else make as overwhelmed and joyful as music. Nothing even comes close.

5. Is Music A Hobby Or A Passion And Why

It’s my passion, and a very strong one. I want to bring about a change in my community with what I make, and I believe that’s my strongest drive towards pursuing it. It’s an aim filled with love and compassion for me, and I’d never want to do it a single day if it lacks all of that.

6. Who Are Ur Influences

I’ve been strongly influenced by the words and music of Switchfoot and Relient K, and lots of Damien Rice and Edison Glass and Alter Bridge, and I like to bring in the styles of Imogen Heap and Kimbra.