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Self taught , self proclaimed, she has been extensively working to improve her caliber in the field of culinary. Working widely on her passionate lines and ambling towards her interest, its all a cake walk for this young one. She is very clear about her priorities and mixes all her ingredients well. Seeking all the opportunities and pouncing to the periphery of her inner call she definitely has a long way to go.

1.When did you decide to become a chef?

I am an athlete. I was told to put off sugar from my diet. During that time I used to watch Masterchef Australia and got inspired by it. So I decided to go in the kitchen one day and tried to make something and loved it. No stopping since then.

2. When are you happiest at work?

I am happiest when I get to work with chocolate and raw ingredients.

3. What do prefer in your ingredients quality or


I always use the best quality ingredients.

4. What was the major difficulty you faced?

I was just 16 so no one believed in me. Also people in India

underestimated me because I was a female working in a professional kitchen.

5. Would you call it your hobby or your passion?

I call it my passion it’s what puts life in life.

6. Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are Paul my teacher; Janice Wong under

whom I’ll be doing an internship in Singapore. But mostly I influence myself.

7. How do you deal with failures?

I don’t define failures or wins. It is or it isn’t ,but at least it is something.

8. Who is your biggest support system?

I support myself. I am more self-dependent mentally and I wouldn’t pick a person to rely on honestly.

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