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Manan Vohra

The most talked about player in the city, no wonder he makes the girls go gaga over him. IPL happened to him ,and since then he made it big. Romping his batting skills on the ground , there’s no stopping him. Like every great cricketer, he has been idolizing Sachin Tendulkar since he was a kid.

1. How has the IPL been for you?

It has been a great experience and moreover it was a great platform for me.

2. What do you love the most about cricket?

When I was young, I used to watch Sachin Tendulkar play, I wanted to be just like him, have fans, I wanted to be successful.

3. Who is your biggest support?

My parents, my grandparents specially my grand father and my sister

4.How do you handle a failure?

I used to get very low when I used to lose a match, but when I started playing it on a higher level I realized it’s a part of the game. I worked hard everytime I lost and it has really improved me as a cricketer.

5. How do you handle pressure before a major game?

Yes, there’s definitely a lot of pressure. Well I practice for a while before the game, and I think I have confidence in myself and the hours I put into practice.

6. What was the first thing you did when you got selected in Kings XI Punjab?

It was something I had never expected, because I had missed the U-19 World Cup due to a thumb injury so I was really low.

7. Tell us about one cricket moment you can never forget?

It was during the IPL, whenever I would hit a six Sehwag sir would put his hand on my head .I think I can never forget this.


It was a huge boost for me as just a while before I got a call from the IPL I had missed out on the U-19 World Cup because I had injured my thumb. So that was really sad and I was feeling very demotivated.
Dior and Ellie Saab .