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Playing guitar was her first call, luring towards art came later .Her entire life changed because of art. Like every teenager she’s had sleepless nights where this woman has spent entire time drawing. Like really. Aiming for an art college in Europe,

1. Do you work from life or from photos or from imagination?

Sometimes I work from imagination but not every time. Sometimes i get good photos. Sometimes i am inspired by other artist’s work. i can also make portraits in 30 mins. So i take a little bit from everywhere

2. Where do you think art is going now?

There was this painting by one of the prominent artist it had a yellow background and 4 strokes on it and this painting was sold for around 2.5 crores. Can anyone give me one good reason for why was it sold for this huge amount? Because there are thousands of artists out there who can make far better paintings and they are not paid nearly their worth. So i think art industry is becoming more of a money game and is losing its appreciation for creativity and hard work.

3. How do you create a balance between art and studies?

I have to. i have coaching classes from late noon till night. I don’t want art to vanish away from my life so focus on my art after classes. I don’t want to be an engineer. I want to go to Europe. Even if i stay up all night i have to manage. if you actually love something it doesn’t matter how long u have to stay awake for it

4. onestereotype:

i am still looking forward for it because in India, artists are not really respected. ifi go to a country like UK i am pretty sure ill be respected more as compared to my own country. even at my page i noticed that most of my audience were not from India. that is what i want to a change about it.