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A self inspired young tattoo artist, he has managed gathered support from all his friends and family to break the stereotype. Owing his first steps to ‘Immortal Tattoo Studio’ , tattoo making is his first love which he can’t be without. Blazing life through his ink, he loves putting meaning to people’s stories.

1. Who inspired you to get into this profession ?

No one as such , I was my own inspiration

2. Is it your passion or your hobby?

.It’s my passion, I love everything about it from designing it to executing it

3. Where did you get your training from?

I got my formal training from immortal tattoos, I did an internship from them as well.

4. How did you decide to take this up as a profession?

Since I was a child I had an artistic streak in me, but paper just wasn’t the canvas I was looking for .

5.How did your parents react to your decision?

At first my parents were not very happy with my decision but they were very supportive. They never stopped me or questioned me, my parents have always supported me in everything. So after I finished my training they started crying because they said I have changed a lot. Now they say that they are very proud of me.

6. What are you plans for the future?

I would like to attend an arts school abroad, but nothing fixed as for now so let’s see…