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The Stroke Charmer – Harsimran

A very peculiar artist , she draws concentrated and detailed objects. Her ever inspiring mother , is extremely supportive of her work .She has a flair to make portraits .

1. Do you work from life or from photos or from imagination?

I work from life and from photo. I like to draw features like eyes, lips and I love making portraits too.
I am basically a sketch artist.

3.Where do you think art is going now?

There are new types of areas opening up in art like digital art, punk art and modern art. So the flexibility and acceptance is increasing in this field.

4.What do you love about art?

I love sketching and the fact that there are no mistakes if there is any it leads to a creation of something new.

5. What made you choose a career in the field of art?

Its genetic my mom is an artist I look up her so I chose a career in field of art.

6. Are you dog person or a cat person?

I am a dog person I have a pug called buzo. I love him.

7. Who are your biggest support systems?

My mom and my friends they appreciate me and push me to work harder.