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Feroz Garewal

This handsome bloke has some serious exposure when it comes to his range . Small hindrances don’t seem to take a toll on him. His charm is definitely going to take him a long way in his golf career. Sprightly talking about his golf career, his face ignites at his proud moments. He absolutely , has a long way to go!

1. How did you get into playing Golf?

One day I went to the golf course with my cousins and I started playing and people told me I was good at it .I started taking lessons and I really enjoyed playing , I discovered that it’s my passion. Ever since I haven’t looked back.

2. How do you handle the pressure of major games?

I mostly go practice for some time before a tournament and listen to music, it helps me calm down.

3. Who is your idol golfer?

My idol in golf would be Rory Mcllroy

4. What role have your coaches played?

I don’t think I would have reached at this level without my coaches. Jessie Grewal and Sagar Diwan have played a huge role in my golfing career. Under Jessie sir’s guidance I have been able to remove many small small technical mistakes. Fitness wise I feel I wouldn’t have been the fittest golfer in India without training under Sagar sir

5. How do you feel golf is doing as a sport?

I think golf is definitely progressing in India. The facilities have also improved a lot. It is amazing to see all the small kids play the game.

6. One golf moment you can never forget?

In my short golfing career i think winning the asian games and Eisenhower cup trails was the best moment till now. I have not only qualified ,I also came first in trails and was the youngest one to qualify for the events.