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Fashion is something that is constantly fleeting
whereas ‘style’ is forever.” Says the young and pretty
fashion freak . Craving for class and good fashion sense, she
has been blazing towards the cloth line. With a lot of people
to teach some fashion sense to, she is equally considerate
towards her own family.

1. What is fashion for you?

For me, fashion is something that helps you express ‘yourself ’ and
therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting-no
one else!

2.What’s your greatest strength?

Talking about my greatest strength, I’ll refer to my fashion illustration
skills and also my ability to imagine and visual my designs.If
greatest strength is in general, then My greatest strength has to be
my family, my dad who constantly gives me technical inputs , my
mom who is helping me polish my work with her suggestions ,
my sister who helps me to get a break from work and chill and my
grandmother who is mostly running behind me taking care of my

3. What works as Inspiration for you?

Growing up, my family was in the fashion business, this installed a
passion that has driven me throughout. I was always very interested
in dressing well.loggers and then after some time I got an email saying that I became their number one blogger ( she beams ) .

4. What degrees, or training have u received?

My have currently enrolled into a bridge course which upgrades
my fashion design diploma into a degree. Apart from this, i have
received initial training from my own company in retail and garment
manufacturing,And as a part of my UG program I received
2months training from Prateek Apparels Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore in
their design department.

5. What are your career goals?

I want to make our organisation as one of the top companies of
india in the garments sector. Also, i want to promote our in-house
brand “AGAIN” and add a premium ethnic designer womenswear
line to it giving the brand new dimensions

6.Name one fashion trend you absolutely hate

Mullet dresses

7. Name one fashion trend you love

Fringes! Absolutely love them. Something that dances while you


”10 years from now i see myself as an important asset to my dad’s
company which I have currently joined and also want to be perfect in
the given position, more responsible, experienced and knowledgeable.