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Art is nothing but a process how to portray ones state of mind and his perception about the world , How accurate you are in depicting your state of mind be it through the canvas, your words, your acting or your music will establish how great you are as an artist”, says the drummer of a very well known band ‘Fused’. Riding solo currently , he just finished working on a short film .

1. What are your hobbies and are they worth changing into a profession?

Well its really hard to explain my hobbies, I have multiple interest in Theater, Designing, Fine arts, drumming, Singing, guitar playing and film making, I have been posting all aspects of these diverse hobbies on my facebook page- “Blast from the Art by ArpanVadhera” , I guess that’s probably the first step of converting my hobbies into a profession by showcasing them in a media platform.

2. In India theatre is not taken that seriously while a movie actor who can’t even act is practically worshipped. What do you feel about this ?

I believe theater lays a foundation towards you being great in front of the camera however that is not the only aspect, without a proper marketing strategy of your talents you would probably end up nowhere big, that is the only difference between a good yet uncelebrated theater artist and a well-known yet less talented film actor.

3. Who has been your biggest support?

No doubt my family, I owe my life to them for teaching me about how to live a life that is driven on the basis of humanity.My Father is my biggest inspiration as the amount of sacrifice he has given for his loved ones baffles me.

4. Was there a time when you felt that you can’t do it ?

There are a lot of incidence when such a thing happens, but then I always remind my self-“Failure is an option, Fear is not.” When you have no fear of failing you have the strength to move forward in life.

5. What’s your aim , is their someone specific you want to work with ?

My aim is nothing but to provide a platform where my parents know that there sacrifices have not gone in vain which can only happen if I am successful as an actor/designer/musician.