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Rowdy Biking – ANMOL ARORA

Covering 10 kms in 5 minutes 57 seconds this young racer has a lot to cope up with. Dreaming to buy an Aprilla RSVP the soonest, he fears not getting selected for MOTO GP. He was among top 40 racers among 180 at the Malaysian Tour. He also got selected in the 1 Make Race in top 20 among 60 riders. His ad reline rush has to be the most on the tracks. Talking rough, he takes his sport too seriously.

1. When was your first bike ride?

My first bike ride was at the age of 8 but I started racing at the age of 16.

2. When did the ‘biking instinct ‘ rise?

I discovered my love for biking at the age of 3. I even started horse riding at the same age. But I fell in love with biking.

3. When did you buy your first bike?

I got my first bike at the age of 7 ,Hero Honda Splender 125CC

4. What does biking mean to you?

Racing is my passion. I breath, eat , sleep racing. I believe ‘’Life is racing , everything is waiting.’’

5.How do you handle the pressure of racing ?

I always remember god before getting on to the bike or starting with the race. I have this strong notion which I feel brings good luck if I sit from the left side of the bike.

6. How do you cope up loosing the race?

I always get a video made when I race or am practicing, so that I learn from the mistakes I made.

7. How does your family take this sport?

Luckily my family has been extremely supportive in whatever I’ve aspired to achieve. My dad being a doctor supports me the most as he got me my first bike.